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Türkiye'deki BIM Gerçeği Etkinliği Yazıl

Software3D & AutoDesk Presents  : The BIM Reality in Turkey

Event Video  Shooting (Event Video, Launch Video)


A seminar titled 'The BIM Reality in Turkey' was held at Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul on September 26, 2019 by Autodesk and Autodesk's authorized business partner, Yazılım3D. In the seminar in which the concept of Building Information Modeling was discussed in depth; Topics such as 'Shop Drawing Concept in BIM Processes and Considerations in Model Coordination' were discussed. In addition, Penta Teknik Sales Group Manager Y. Architect Tuğba Başer, Autodesk Application Eng. Niyazi Kemer, Software 3D Master Global BIM Manager Barış Canpolat and Yüksel Proje M.Sc. Engineer Cihan Kayhan & Civil Eng. A panel on 'The Reality of BIM in Turkey' was held with the participation of Serhat Kaş. Software3D brand has agreed with Cambio , Turkey's most influential creative video agency, for the BIM Truth event video shoot in Turkey!

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