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Creative, Impressive and Fascinating Brands..

We are a new generation communication agency born in the digital age.
We use all traditional and digital communication methods, make integrated/effective communication, and keep your brand in mind.

The Neo-Branding System , which is our İzmir Bilimpark incubation project, aims to be a promotional algorithm that can be carried out systematically for the first time in the national and international arena, in terms of its scope and technical infrastructure.  is a candidate. Although concepts such as neo-marketing have been introduced when we look at both the digital and traditional marketing world today, a professional system that will include branding in such a wide scope has not been put forward until now. Regarding the concept of branding with the developing technology  to existing problems  There is no such solution mechanism.  

One of the academic formulas we will use in the promotion algorithm we have developed is NAIDA .  Need, Attention, Interest, Desire  and  action  In the formula, which consists of the initials of the words NAIDA , the consumer will first reveal a need, then pay attention to where they can meet this need, then they will be interested in and examine the brands that they have in mind (that come to mind), after this comparison, they will start to desire a brand and finally buy that brand to meet their needs. expected to be received. From our point of view, the system we will use will be more AIDA style. In other words, first attract attention (Attantion), then arouse interest (Interest), then motivate (Desire), and finally activate (Action).

"What do consumers want to do with brands and their products?" with "What do brands want consumers to do?" The harmony between these two is the secret of success.
  Our algorithm to put our skills at your service, based on your experience in the field of branding

It consists of 5 stages.

- Brief:  We listen to the Company/Brand and its customers.

- Situation Analysis:  With the neo-branding system adequacy test, a statistical report is presented about the status of companies on the way to branding.

- Deep Analysis:  Analyzing branding studies is a factor that facilitates reaching the planned goals. We inform companies with the data obtained from analysis tools and implement the necessary changes. We blend our own experiences with company experiences.

- Strategy Creation:  We start by setting targets focused on the gains you can achieve with branding. We are developing a project-oriented discourse. In this process, it is important for us to get to know the company and its customers.

- Implementation Process:  Approving the strategy and taking action.

In addition to providing consultancy services according to the needs of the companies, Cambio Ajans Neo branding system ; has adopted a full-service approach to all business lines that affect the branding process. In this process;

For Small and Medium businesses:
- Conducting neo-branding competency research  

- Determining the business lines to be prioritized by determining the promotion strategy (Digital etc.)

- Implementation/sustainability  form of process.  

For Large Businesses:

- Conducting neo-branding competency research  

- Conducting psychological capital adequacy research  

- Conducting quality management systems competency research  

- Determining the business lines to be prioritized by determining the promotion strategy  

- It is in the form of implementation/ sustainability process.  


Our 3 Ingredients Impressive Branding Formula

Basic Branding        Branding  algorithm          Sustainability


All Three Components Must Be in Perfect Synchronization!

Basic Branding Algorithm

Awareness/Attention Raising
Part I: Attention Algorithms

  • Establishing and designing corporate identity materials (logo, business card, letterhead, pocket file, etc.) 

  • Creating a website for your brand for your company needs and concept (design/software)

  • For social media management; digital design, creating content, attracting attention, transferring information, collecting followers, creating mailists.

  • Providing digital marketing integration with social media management and providing consultancy services.

  • To provide instant information sharing services such as e-mailing to your target audience (shout out system), SMS.

  • To provide in-house and external professional presentation services (design/software).

  • Making teaser commercials, viral commercials, shooting promotional videos and providing necessary production services for companies.


Transition Algorithm
Part II: Algorithms of Desire


  • Advertising on TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, internet, outdoors for image building or sales.

  • Company locations (such as office, factory, warehouse)  additional concept designs and  designing and placing appropriate signage

  • Vehicle dressing and dressing processes in accordance with the brand concept for company vehicles and fixtures.

  • Placing branding materials (POP materials) at points of sale that sell your product.

  • Making editorial promotions (advertorial).

  • Creating press kits, bulletins and giving interviews to the press for coverage.

  • Testing your brand (product), providing consultancy service


Branding Algorithm
Increasing Awareness/Branding
Part III: Branding Algorithms

  • Making promotional activities such as short radio spots, TV sub-bands, TV programs, sponsorships and shooting commercials.

  • Providing psychological capital research services

  • Providing quality management systems consultancy services

  • Providing positioning management consultancy services

  • Providing in-house presentation management consultancy services

  • Providing innovation management consultancy services

  • Providing institutionalization management consultancy services

  • Managing customer relations

  • Managing reputation

  • To make the processes that have been/are being done sustainable.

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