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SketchUp Day İstanbul

SketchUp Turkey : SketchUp Day Istanbul

Event Video Shooting (Event Video, Launch Video)


FGA Architecture;  Since 1997, it has been the Turkey distributor of the leading software in its field for the Building and Multimedia Sector, and provides training and support services to ensure that the companies work with the highest efficiency. SketchUp brand's SketchUp Day Istanbul event  He agreed with Cambio , Turkey's most influential creative video agency, for his video!

Video Under Construction!

Information About the Event:  

You may think of SketchUp as a simple modeling tool that everyone loves. Yes, we love SketchUp too, but in this event we want to tell you about SketchUp in unknown details. You will discover in this event that it is not just a modeling software, it is much more.

How can you manage your workflow by integrating with the SketchUp ecosystem without the need for any other software? Which plugins will speed up your work and make it easier for you? How can you go about making better use of SketchUp? We will answer all of your questions such as, together with our valuable speakers, including professionals and academics from the sector.



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